It has a very precise and distinct point of origin.

It's many at once.

It spreads like roots, grows in all directions.

It likes finding a new home and cultivates comfort.


It's like a mangrove.

It has a tendency to indulge in drama.

It's very susceptible to change.

Established in 2019, it launched as first project the Spanish translation and staging of Annie Ryan's theatrical adaptation of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing by Eimear McBride - Una niña es una cosa a medio formar. 

Una niña es una cosa a medio formar will be touring in 2020. In April at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona and at the Cervantes Theatre in London. More dates to be confirmed. 


Artwork and photography by Urte Janus. Graphic design by Richard Bakes. Font by Lucas Le Bihan + George Trintafyllakos + Maciej Polczyński - thanks to Velvetyne Tyne Foundry.

"The directing of Juan Miranda and Manuela de Laborde's sculptural piece -that together with the light design of Elisabet Castells i Negre conform the only possible stage design to accompany and sustain this piece without distraction- have brought Pía Laborde-Noguez to invade with an air of little girl without malice the theatre at the Tamayo Museum, and make of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing an actoral peripeteia harrowing the audience through fragmented events, that both predict and recall..."

- by Francesca Gargallo for Blanco Móvil.

Find full original review in Spanish here

"Pía Laborde-Noguez constructs her character with absolute knowledge of cause; she has studied, assimilated and exhibits it with the full arsenal of resources that her vocation and academic formation provide... An organic artist, with a strength and malleability that allows her to transition from one mood to another with coherent ease in spite of the self-destructive tendencies of her character. 
Her tour-de-force in A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing anticipates all she can create on stage. Her presence is a breath of fresh air challenging Mexican dramaturgy."

- by Enrique R. Mirabal for Interescena.

Find full original review in Spanish here


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